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We pioneered the counter culture game category with the 2010 launch of the first cannabis farming game, Pot Farm Legacy. Our portfolio has grown to become #1 cannabis themed mobile game franchise in the world.


Looking for free to play casual games?
Our games let you enter narrative driven creative worlds and have fun at your leisure.

We are proud to have launched the first cannabis themed game in the causal genre with of our enduring franchise Bud Farm, which has connected nearly 40 million people around the world. LDRLY’s games can be played on your tablet or mobile phone. You can download games in the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

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Join this epic, new idle game and work with the hip-hop legend, entrepreneur and all around badass, B-Real in becoming the top dog in growing the pot business empire. Invest your profits to expand your grow operation, join hands with some awesome characters and become part of the ‘Insane Asylum’. Boost your profits by upgrading your monster weed plants and automating the game. Collect cards and get those customers now!

Welcome to the official Cheech & Chong mobile game. Come back in time to the 70s in the early days of Bud Farm where Cheech & Chong have stumbled across a sleepy little town in California.

On a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest, Shorty, Dave, and Uncle Floyd are back at it again, trying to get rich and build the most extravagant farm ever. Watch their stories unfold in our witty and engaging story-driven Idle Game.

Sit-back, relax, and watch your wealth grow exponentially as you unlock one quirky business after another. Don’t let the simple game mechanic fool you though – there are plenty of adventures to keep you engaged for hours on end, with brand new Episodes added every month!

Grow Your Own Marijuana and Start a 420 Friendly Farm! Plant, grow, water, trim & harvest juicy buds in your grow-op. Upgrade your buildings & decorate your farm with hundreds of items. Produce goods & hire workers to run your businesses.

Become a marijuana mogul while running a fully customizable farm. Play furiously fast, or chill and play nice and slow. This digital weed game is great to play with your buds or when you just want to relax and have fun.

Build the Woodstock of weed, the Burning Man of bud. Create your own Coachella of kush and show the world that 420 doesn’t have to just be one day, 420 can be forever!

Help Shorty and Dave transform the Mesa from junk to crunk! Build your festival, bring in the people, grow and sell the weed you need to keep the party going.

What people are saying

about our games

Bud Farm Grass Roots

This game is amazing! It’s so fun and I can never get enough. I downloaded years ago and had a lack of concern but with all the updates and new things it will surely never be a dull game nor lose my interest again. It has many levels and never ending challenges and contests. It will keep you busy and suck your time right from you. Lol It’s an experience you will never forget. Leveling isn’t extremely challenging like some games, that take forever. I love Bud/Pot Farm forever!

Ariel S.

Bud Farm 420

Awesome game!!! Been playing every day for a few months now. I love collecting workers and changing up my farm…

Chris H.

Bud Farm Idle Tycoon

Love this game ❤️ I have been playing this for a couple of months I have not had any problem. The developers are just amazing!!! Always quick to offer you little packages when there is any problems. I would not change anything!!

Danielle Nunes

Cheech & Chong Bud Farm

I like this game. Its got great graphics and an awesome story line. I’m in love with it already. Thanks for a great game once again!

Melissa Pelton

Game Support

All of our games have dedicated customer support teams working closely with our players; we invite you to contact us directly through each game’s help function.

B-Real Monster Buds
Bud Farm Cheech & Chong
Bud Farm Idle Tycoon
Bud Farm Grass Roots
Bud Farm 420