Out of this world game

B-Real Monster Buds

Join B-Real (aka Dr Greenthumb) as a budpreneur & make money in this idle game!

Out weed the competition

Join this epic, new idle game and work with the hip-hop legend, entrepreneur and all around badass, B-Real in becoming the top dog in growing the pot business empire. Invest your profits to expand your grow operation, join hands with some awesome characters and become part of the ‘Insane Asylum’. Boost your profits by upgrading your monster weed plants and automating the game. Collect cards and get those customers now!

Run B-Real’s Lab


  • Grow, cultivate and upgrade your monster plants + make a TON of cash
  • Collects cards + get those customers NOW!
  • Collect and meet some of the coolest game characters
  • Take down Dr Potassio and take the throne of the finest pot-botanist
  • Help B-Real discover his alter ego – Dr Greenthumb and relive all the adventures
  • Find friends on Facebook and grow the best buds with your best buds
  • Level up to unlock new events & rewards
B-Real Monster Buds

Additional Gameplay

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B-Real Monster Buds

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