420 spin master!

Bud Farm Bud Master

Become the ultimate 420 spin master and weed coin hunter on the path to glory!

LIVE in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Nordics + Philippines

Spin the wheel in Bud Master!

Spin our Pot Wheel to earn your Pot Farm fortunes! Be it Smoke Out time, Weed Coins, Shields, or Raids! Win Weed Coins to build up your Pot Farms, then smoke through our Weed Strain grow op map! Win Shields to guard your Pot Farms from marauding grow op thieves! Become the Bud Master with the strongest strains and the most loot!

SMOKE OUT your fellow Bud Masters!

Spin a bountiful slot, earn tons of coins, and build your Pot Farms. Discover new levels with friends, and become the best coin master!

Bud Farm Bud Master


  • Inviting your friends to Play Bud Master with you!
  • Smoking out your Friends and Foes Pot Farms
  • Building up wacky fun WEED fuelled Grow ops
  • Raiding your friends and Foes Pot Farms
  • Spinning the Magic Wheel to fuel all of the above!
Bud Farm Bud Master

Additional Gameplay

Bud Farm Bud Master was developed in partnership with Truly Social Games

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LIVE in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Nordics + Philippines

Game Support

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Bud Farm Bud Master

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