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LDRLY Games is a new mobile games studio located in beautiful British Columbia. We’ve got a growing team of creative, technical, and operations people from around the world – if you want to be our next team member, take a look at our openings below!

Our culture is driven by

Our Core Values

  • Passion – for the player/customer
  • Trust & Respect – always be building it
  • Commitment – to the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
  • Accountability – take responsibility- personally and team
  • Transparency – shared knowledge makes us better
  • Win as a Team – Collaborative, lean, diverse team culture
  • Think like an owner – do, learn, fail fast
  • Hire smart[er] – than yourself and support them
  • Merit based – work smart and deliver

And our key

NO Values

  • No Politics!
  • No Bureaucracy!
  • No BS!